Why Do Some Supplements Work and Others Don’t?

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Many people around the world use dietary supplements, but for some, they work quickly and for others, they do not. Why is this happening? Today we will tell you more about it. To make this article more useful, we will first talk about the effects of supplements.

Why Do People Use Nutritional Supplements? (The Influence of Supplements)

We use supplements for various reasons – they are designed to improve our health, appearance, help us lose weight, and replenish the amount of vitamins and minerals missing in our body. It is observed that the sales of such products are growing rapidly.


A dietary supplement is defined as a product that consists of nutrients and is considered a regular food supplement. It is a concentrated source of vitamins, minerals, or other substances. Such products are manufactured and sold in ready-made dosage forms (such as tablets, capsules, powder, or liquid). However, why do people choose to introduce food supplements into their daily diet? Let’s take a look at the opinions of a few notable people that can be easily found online:


Kate Middleton. Needless to say, the Duchess of Cambridge always looks stunning. Whether she’s attending a party where celebrity guests are walking the red carpet or dropping her kids off at school, the mother of three dazzles with her seemingly boundless energy and glow. Do supplements help with this?


Media reports say that the Duchess of Cambridge supplemented her diet with vitamin B6 while pregnant with George. It helped her to avoid nausea, especially when traveling.


Miranda Kerr. Miranda follows a special diet and likes to support it with supplements to further strengthen her health: “I have blood type A and I often eat according to my blood type. I also eat low-glycemic foods, choose more alkaline foods, drink filtered water, and eat very little meat. I believe that supplements are important to provide your body with the nutrients it needs. It’s even more important if you’re not eating certified organic food and fresh organic produce.”


Johnny Depp. According to an article published on the Jacked Gorilla website, Johnny Depp supplements his diet with multivitamins and protein shakes.

What Can Have an Impact on the Effectiveness of Supplements?

Every day we should provide the body with vitamins and minerals necessary for health. Food supplements are strong support, thanks to which we can supplement our daily diet with the most important nutrients for health. So it’s worth knowing where to start and how to choose the right product and what its effectiveness depends on.

1. The Influence of the Body on the Effectiveness of Supplements

Remember that every organism is different and the need for individual nutritional components is different. The effective use of food supplements is based on careful monitoring of the body, and research results, and takes into account the lifestyle of a specific person.

2. Health Status. (Do You Take Care of Your Health?)

A physically active person will have a different need for individual micro and macronutrients than, for example, a less physically active person or a pregnant woman. That is why it is worth taking blood tests from time to time and discussing their results with your doctor.

3. How Do You Take Supplements and How Often?

If you take more than one nutritional supplement, make sure you don’t exceed the daily requirement for individual vitamins and minerals.

4. Exercise Quality and Quantity

It is well known that not only physical exertion, but also a properly balanced diet helps to achieve beautiful body lines. Every sportsperson should keep in mind that a properly balanced diet is one of the elements that determine the possibility of achieving good results. On the other hand, the nutritional needs of athletes vary depending on the duration and intensity of training and the nature of the sport, so there is no one-size-fits-all recommended type of nutrition and individual needs arising from training and competition plans.

5. Quality of Dietary Supplements

It is a good habit to read the labels of the products you buy. In this way, you will check whether the food supplement you want has a large amount of the active substances you are interested in. Choose products that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts. It’s always a good idea to carefully read the ingredients of specific supplements to make sure they don’t contain unnecessary ingredients. Follow the rule that the simpler the composition, the better.

How to Choose the Most Suitable Food Supplements for You

Which vitamins and minerals to choose? To find out what nutrients you need, you can choose from dozens of preparations with vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts in pharmacies and online food supplement stores. Among them, you will find products for different age groups and products with specific “tasks”. Supporting the immune system, strengthening joints and bones, or improving the condition of the skin, hair, and nails – these are just some of them.


Here are some simple steps to choose the right food supplements for you:


  1. Test methods. Little by little try introducing new food supplements you need into your daily diet.
  2. Follow the recommendations of your doctor or specialists in the relevant fields.
  3. Consult with us and the professionals working in our online store.

We kindly invite you to visit our supplement catalog and choose the right food supplement for you.

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