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CBD tea

Cannabis tea is a product that is used in exactly the same way as mint or chamomile tea. This good quality CBD tea (from proven sources) is made from carefully selected top quality raw materials grown organically without the addition of artificial preservatives, dyes or other enhancers. Such tea can be in the form of a mixture, for example, with the addition of various herbs or dried flowers.

<a href=" . It is enough to pour a tablespoon of dried leaves (about 1.5 g) into the cup and then pour hot but not boiling water (should be about 85 degrees heat). Wait about 5 to 10 minutes, but remember that the longer you hold the CBD tea leaves or bag, the more intense the taste and the darker the color of the tea, so adjust the brewing time to your individual preferences. Then mix well and drain. You can also use a practical, removable sieve to make tea.