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CBD oil

CBD stands for cannabidiol, i. an organic compound of the cannabinoid group found in high concentrations in cannabis (Cannabis Sativa L.).

The market for cannabis oils is slowly evolving, driven by increasing research into cannabidiol and growing consumer awareness of finding a natural, effective alternative to conventional food supplements. You can find many variants of CBD oils in stores that vary in extraction, quality, capacity, or concentration. In addition, the scope of CBD activities is very wide.

There are oils on the market with different concentrations of cannabinol per drop, from 5% to as much as 30%. The oil is most effectively absorbed through the oral mucosa, so it is recommended to pipette under the tongue with a pipette. But nothing prevents you from adding CBD to a morning cup of coffee or a protein shake after a workout.

CBD oils in Lithuania!

The available CBD oils are high quality preparations containing cannabis ring extract rich in cannabidiol. Research on the use of CBD over its effectiveness has been conducted for many years. The CBD cannabis oils we offer and include are:

1. Organic products, only from certified crops
2. Safe products tested and certified by independent laboratories
3. Oils only from proven, reputable European producers.