Hemp tea

As you hace already seen that drinking tea is always a pleasure, especially if it is relaxes and tones like cannabis tea, otherwise known as CBD tea.

Why people have been drinking cannabis tea for centuries? First of all, our ancestors said that tea made from natural cannabis has dozens of helpful properties that your body would sincerely thank. This is evidenced by research team in laboratories. We could list every advantage but have you heard how many amazing features this product has?

Think about the problems you have due to poor health. Do you feel tired more often than you would like? This is a fairly common problem, especially these days. It’s even scary to say how many people feel tired, stressed, anxious and suffer from depression. All of these things aren’t good for you, are they?

Do you know why you feel exhausted? Numerous sources state that depression and anxiety are the most common causes of high acidity in the body, which is an ideal medium for the development of various diseases specific to our body.

Reasons for acidity:

  • low physical activity,

  • malnutrition,

  • stress,

  • high sugar intake,

  • white flour products (pasties, starch, …)

To prevent acidification of your body and other issues, it is recommended to take care of a proper diet that raises the body’s pH. Take care of your immune system.

Cannabis tea story (short variant)

For example, even George Washington is known by inspiring the cultivation of cannabis and even to grow it by himself. He said: “Let’s get as many cannabis seeds as possible from India and seed them everywhere.”

In leading the young state, J. Washington understood demand for this plant. As president, Tom Jefferson also faced miracles offered by cannabis. “Cannabis is essential to our country,” – Jefferson said.

Although the benefits of this plant have never been negative, cannabis has been a dilemma since the early 1800s.

More about natural cannabis tea

  Properly prepared and consumed cannabis tea not only relaxes!


  According to research published in the journal Pharmacological Research, it is mentioned:
“Cannabinoids in our body lower blood pressure and regulate blood flow. With help of cannabis, the arteries relax and dilate. So, our body gets rid of unpleasant symptoms. ” It also states: “Cannabis tea strengthens lungs, increases air flow and facilitates breathing in the digestive tract. In respiratory diseases, cannabis relieves their symptoms. As mentioned earlier, physical activity and proper nutrition improve our health’s quality. ”

How to prepare cannabis tea!

– Heat 0,5 liters of water to approx 85°C

– Add a small teaspoon of fat (coconut or cocoa fat, butter, ghi, etc.) to dissolve.

Fat is essential for more and better transport of cannabinoids throughout the body. Fats / lipids are very important for the better functioning of our body.

– Add about 2 teaspoons of hemp tea.

– Cover with a lid to keep the terpenes in the tea and leave for 20 minutes (up to 1 hour or longer).

The longer you leave the green parts in the water, the more cannabinoids are gradually released from the tea. But don’t overdo it.

What else can CBD tea could be used for?

CBD tea could be used for:


  • For natural facial care, especially if you make such tea with coconut or cocoa oil, which additionally synergistically nourishes the skin.

  • If your skin is irritated, you can soak your hands or feet in a hemp bath.

Research done with CBD products


You can find research on CBD tea online. Our mission is to share this research. One study (10.1016 / j.jep.2007.05.019) is presented as follows: “(…) Despite the fact that smoking cannabis is the most common purpose of plant, a significant proportion of users use it in the form of tea. However, slighty is known about the composition of cannabis tea or the effects of different parameters during preparation, handling or storaging. In this study, we used high-quality cannabis sold in Dutch pharmacies to investigate the composition of cannabinoids in tea under standardized and quantitative conditions.

The experimental conditions were systematically modified to simulate possible changes in drug users. In the analysis, special attention was paid to the cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol and its acid precursor tetrahydrocannabinolic acid. The role of non-psychoactive cannabinoids as ingredients in cannabis tea is also discussed. The results of this study provide a clear quantitative insight into the phytochemistry of cannabis tea and may help to better assess this pattern of cannabis use. ”

Link to reseach here: Cannabis tea revisited.